About us

Brixton Mint, right now, is five Brixton People. Conversations began three years ago, the group grew, the ambition was there, the approach was developed. Brixton Mint is not yet a project, but a process - a building process. Come and talk to us - we need more!

Brixton Mint exists to:

Money, Community & Me is a three phase project by Brixton Mint. 

PHASE ONE is all about community events - Brixton Mint sees that, time and again, Brixton has been a place for other people's great ideas to be tried out. We believe that Brixton people have the answers to Brixton's problems.

Public and group events are key to bringing people together to explore, raise consciousness and build new ideas.

Through these events, Brixton Mint is looking for people to connect and continue these conversations and build capacity to imagine, to build. If you want to connect - get in touch!

PHASE TWO  is a Community Wealth Building education and empowerment programme, developed with the people we meet and engage with through Phase One.

PHASE THREE  will be an incubator for community organising and action.