Brixton: An Economy of Place?

Brixton Mint, with Mutual Credit Services, presents an interactive event.

If these statements are true:

Brixton people know what Brixton wants.

Brixton people have what Brixton needs.

 - then what's the problem?

If 'economy' is how 'capacity' connects with 'need', what would it mean for Brixton to have an economy which worked for Brixton?

Brixton Mint sees that, time and again, Brixton has been a place for other people's great ideas to be tried out. We believe that Brixton people have the answers to Brixton's problems.

This will be an interactive event, open to all. 

Bring your experiences, your questions, your ideas.

Together, we can begin to imagine what a Brixton economy might need,
how it could work, what it might feel like.

After a short introduction, with some ideas and examples of what economies of place can mean, and how they can work, we'll dive right in:

        • small group activity and discussion

                  • live, improvised drama with Tony Ceely

                         •  audience representative panel discussion

Brixton Mint is looking for people to connect and continue these conversations and build capacity to imagine, to build.

EVENT LOCATION: Upstairs Cafe, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton   -   the cafe/bar will be open

This is a FREE event, in association with the London Festival of Architecture.

You can turn up on the day and register at the door. However, we really encourage registration via Eventbrite for your convenience and to help us manage the event.  You can use the QR code or click here.

Brixton Mint exists to:

Public events are at the heart of all these. Economy is about social coordination of what we want and need, in the knowledge of limits.

Economics is about sociality - social coordination, and social knowledge.

Brixton Mint puts on events where Brixton People come together to develop social knowledge, to seed and nurture collaboration, to ask ourselves, again and again, in different ways: