Money, Community & Me

On November 19th 2022, Brixton Mint invited all sorts of people to an event.


It's always been a problem in Brixton, and never more than now.

Brixton Mint has a long-term goal - to bring people together, to mobilise the amazing capacity of Brixton's people and communities - 

This has to start with community - so we're holding the first of what we hope will be many community events:

Money, Community & Me

Saturday, November 19th, at the Baytree Centre,
300-302 Brixton Road SW9 6AE

Come along for information, advice, guidance, sharing experiences, seeking support and solutions.

Connect with other people and build financial capacity for community financial resilience.

There will also be creche, entertainment, food, discussions and networking.

The event is free - but we'd encourage you to register with this link:

Whatsapp/call/text: 07394013634

Brixton people know what Brixton wants.

Brixton people have what Brixton needs.