Money life-maps


A Money Life-map

We can use this simple 'map' to make markers - and notes, too, of the times in our life when our relationship with money changed. 

Use it how you like, but we have suggested that things which are better go towards the top, and things which were worse, go toward the bottom.

Can you remember how and when you found out about money? Who did you learn form? how do you feel about money now? how old were you when you learned these things? how did it make you feel?

You can use the life-map any way that works for you - the idea is to see for yourself, through putting markers on the map, your experiences with money across your life - maybe you will see something interesting.

Here are a few questions, to get you started.

Here are some examples

Highs and Lows

Looks as if this person's financial highlight was their Saturday job as a kid!

A busy map!

Dil has put lots of pointers in for his early life - I guess that is when a lot of us learn about money.

He's tried to draw some 'graph lines' showing how he felt about money, and how much money he actually had - interesting to see the difference!